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Diös has real estate holdings with a value of approx. SEK 19 billion, making it one of Sweden's largest private real estate company. We are focusing on urban development in ten prioritized growth cities creating value for our tenants, the city and our shareholders.

Our portfolio contains a diverse collection of properties in terms of price range and type, which allows us to be flexible to our clients' needs. Our large property holdings and diversified portfolio mean that we are well placed to take advantage of acquisition opportunities that will further strengthen our position, to improve existing properties and sell properties that are incompatible with the holding. As an active real estate owner and a company committed to social development, we contribute to the growth of our prioritised regions - the cities and towns in northern Sweden. The populations and diversified economies of these regions are growing.

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Diös sells a property in Falun

Diös sells a commercial property located ten kilometres outside of Falun. The buyer is Landstinget Dalarna and the purchase price amount to SEK 49 million. The change of possession will take place in the latter part of 2018 as the current tenant, Distansapoteket, vacates.

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Diös acquires another commercial property in the central part of Skellefteå

Earlier this week Diös communicated about a property acquisition in  Skellefteå. Today it became official that another commercial central located acquisition in Skellefteå has been made.

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Diös Fastigheter acquires a central located commercial property in Skellefteå

Diös acquires a central located commercial property in Skellefteå which
complements the existing properties in the block of Polaris.

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