Our history

“You have to believe in the future and also be a little bit curious.” The man behind these words is called Anders Diös. He was born in Dalarna in 1891 and started his own building company when he was 30 years old. Anders became known as the “big building master” with lofty ambitions and great personal engagement. He enjoyed his work immensely and paid attention to detail. Business boomed and in the mid-1900s Anders Diös AB was one of the largest construction companies in Sweden.

In the year 2000, AP Fastigheter bought out Diös from the stock exchange and with that the company name disappeared. However, five years later AP Fastigheter decided to sell all of its real estate north of Uppsala to a newly formed northern Swedish company backed by several solid business families. They brought the company’s history back to life and re-named it Diös Fastigheter AB. In May 2006, the company was listed on the stock exchange and another five years later they acquired the real estate company Norrvidden. Diös then became the largest privately owned real estate company in Northern Sweden.

The link between the Diös of today and the masterpiece of the Dalarna boy Anders Diös still remains, primarily in the name and in our logotype, which is Ander’s own signature. And one thing is certain; it was wise to keep and cherish the name that for years has been linked with a strong drive and engagement. The Diös of today continues in that spirit, and works simply, locally and actively. And we know that everything is possible if you believe in the future and you are a little bit curious.

/Knut Rost, CEO

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