Nomination committee

The work of the nomination committee is to be conducted with openness and consultation so as to achieve a well-balanced Board.  The nomination committee then proposes candidate members to the Board of Diös for the forthcoming mandate period, which are then proposed to the Annual General Meeting.

The nomination committee also makes proposals on the remuneration of the Board members and of the statutory auditor, and where appropriate, on the choice of auditor.  The names of the nomination committee members, as well as the owners they represent, should be published no later than six months before the Annual General Meeting and should be based on the known shareholding per 31 August of the year preceding the Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with this decision, the following nomination committee has been established for 2020:

  • Magnus Swärdh, representative for Backahill Inter AB
  • Bob Persson, representative for AB Persson Invest
  • Carl Engström, representative for Nordstjernan AB
  • Stefan Nilsson, representative for Pensionskassan SHB Försäkringsförening

Shareholders that wish to make proposals to the nomination  committee may do so via this e-mail address: or by mail to: Diös Fastigheter AB, Nomination committee, Box 188, 831 22 Östersund, no later than 15 February of the AGM year.

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