Three reasons to invest in Diös

Unique market position

As the market-leading, private property owner in our cities we can really make a difference. We drive growth through close relationships with decision-makers and other market players. This growth is reflected in higher rents, rising market values and lower vacancy levels. Our centrally located, diverse portfolio of properties provides flexibility and the possibility for conversions as market demand changes.

Strong, stable cash flow

Since 2013, our cash flow per share has risen by 80 per cent. A diversified portfolio and a good mix of tenants generates stable income streams. 31 per cent of our income comes from our public-sector business.

Exciting project portfolio

By developing our properties and our tenants and driving growth we deliver higher property value, increasing cash flows and, above all, greater flows of people in our cities. This creates attractive places that have a positive impact on the surrounding businesses. We have 100,000 sq.m. under construction and a further 100,000 sq.m. of projects in the early phases of development, which combined with our existing properties in development create an exciting project portfolio.

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