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Diös is the market-leading property company in northern Sweden. We own, manage and develop properties in the city centre of ten growth cities. Our strategy is urban development. By developing our properties with attractive meeting places, shops, offices and homes, we enable our tenants, our towns and ourselves to grow. Deals and relationships are the key to continued success. We will meet the needs of tenants through local presence, a high degree of competency and long-term sustainable development.



Q3 audiocast

An audiocast with teleconference will be hosted at 09:30 CEST on 25 October. CEO Knut Rost and CFO Rolf Larsson will present the results. The presentation is in English. The Interim report for Jan-Sep 2019 will be released on October 25, at 07:00 CEST.

Watch the audiocast: Diös Q3 report 2019 audiocast



Our promise is that everything is possible. We strive to be perceived as simple, close and active. Simple by being open and honest. Close by having a local presence, being available and taking an interest. Active in that we develop property and ourselves as a company, and seize opportunities. 



Our market comprises of ten cities that has an underlying population of approximately 1 million. The population growth for 2017 was 1.0 per cent on average and the growth prospects from the municipalities for the upcoming years are good.

The total return from properties in our market has been relatively high and stable. This is mainly based on the fact that the yield on properties are high and the volatility in total return of the properties are low. Compared to the largest cities in Sweden the volatility has been five per cent lower in our market looking back from 1996.



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