Looking for an apartment?

We have apartments in 10 fantastic cities!

This is how it works:

  • Our vacant apartments are published under "LEDIGT" on dios.se for at least three days.
  • During that time, you can register your interest in the apartment.
  • Through a random selection, we produce one (1) applicant who is given the opportunity to look at the vacant apartment.
  • The applicant who has been selected will book a tour of the apartment within seven days with the current tenant.
  • We announce a response date when we last want to be notified if you want the apartment or not. If we do not hear anything from you before the response date, we interpret it as you saying no to the apartment.
  • Then we find out if you meet the basic requirements for renting the apartment. This means that we, among other things, obtain credit information and contact references.

We offer no preferences and have no queuing system.